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Cancellation Policy

Just like every other professional wedding supplier you are doing business with, the initial booking fee is a non-refundable payment to reserve your date and to cover the time invested in setting up the booking and all the correspondence in the lead up to the wedding & any design & preparatory work carried out in advance of the wedding or event. We have already paid tax on these booking fees. In the past year, due to Covid-19, wedding suppliers have had little or no income and that is going to be the same for most of 2021 too but we've been working with all our couples postponing dates, organising alternative suppliers, adjusting existing bookings etc so our administration workload has increased considerably but our businesses are loss-making & most are not receiving any government support at this time & are battling hard to keep our businesses going after many hard years of building them up.


In the event of a complete cancellation due to Covid-19, we have been issuing couples with a voucher to the value of the booking fee, with an 18 month expiry date that they can use as part payment towards our Dj service or Selfie Mirror Service at an agreed future date for when gatherings are allowed to return when they will be planning the marriage celebration party that so many couples are now doing.

We have been very reasonable with all our wedding couples helping them throughout this pandemic & have received a lot of thankful emails for making their situations stress free. Where couples have had to cancel, they saw our voucher as a fair compromise as we are still very much committed to celebrating your marriage with you at a later date, either as your Dj or with the Selfie Mirror Photobooth. 

* By reserving a date & booking with us, we understand you agree & accept the above terms.

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